Our Process

Artisan Crafted

Our process is driven to ensure the highest quality and taste available to accentuate the key characteristics of the land and environment. This offers a wonderful bouquet and elegant aroma which is associated within our brand.

The trees are grown and cultivated at 1200 meters above sea level (SHG), covering over 10 acres of a pristine environment offering shade tree covering, moist soil, and a natural spring. This spring water enhances the taste which resonates with hints of cocoa and tamarind flavors.

We hand pick the ripest cherries from our trees, and wet process them using spring water. Next we sun dry the beans on zaranda’s (drying beds), until they are ready for either roasting to specifications by our European trained roaster, or prepared to be sold as green bean Oro and packaged for delivery.

We’ve also recently re planted caturra trees on our plantation in preparation for our upcoming Aydan’s Brew.


Our Mission and Brand

Our purpose is to produce a high quality brand of coffee, yet being a good steward of the land and offering economic opportunity and improvement to our community. Our brand mission is not not for general consumption but for the coffee experience or aficionado.


From hand pick cherries ...
... to sun dried beans
European style roast